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  1. Know for certain where and how your food was grown

  2. Your food will be consistently farm-fresh

  3. Community-building option to share food orders with neighbors / extended family

  4. Talk to your farmer directly about their growing process

  5. Eating locally reduces your family's CO2 footprint

  6. Fresh local foods taste better; even the kids will agree!

  7. No CSA commitment, buy only as you need

Why Local Growing Is Good
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A One Minute Primer About Local Farming

  1. Provide your produce directly to your "adopted" families - Not a CSA

  2. Increase your Farmers Market sales

  3. Develop regular customers and more sales

  4. Turn over your crops more quickly

  5. Try out new items to sell online

  6. Get to know the people who appreciate your skills - build community!

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