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Combining the best of regenerative and cellular agriculture

Only nature and technology combined can improve the food system.

The food system, like politics, is polarized, hindering progress. Two main camps, technology-driven and nature-based, clash, preventing needed compromise. Similarities outweigh the differences between them. Criticisms of scalability, cost, and public perception afflict both. To drive change, collaboration must replace competition.

The See Change Sessions in Vermont showcased commonalities in regenerative and cellular agriculture. Collaboration is vital to overcoming challenges. Economic shifts and collective lobbying can support both approaches. Omeat's innovation, Plenty, replacing Fetal Bovine Serum in meat production, exemplifies this synergy. It leverages cutting-edge tech to advance natural regeneration and increase meat yield per cow, reducing the need for slaughter.

Omeat pioneers a regenerative value chain, blending technology and nature-positive approaches, setting a precedent for a sustainable future food system. Collaboration and compromise can expand opportunities, benefitting all stakeholders.

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